It seems all of our seasonal outlooks have been 'warmer than normal' over the last year, and Summer 2017 will follow suit.

I kind of got a feeling this would be the case after we hit 90 degrees for a few days already: this summer will be warmer than normal according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Credit: NOAA
Credit: NOAA

According to the most recent weather model, we have a 50% chance of having a warmer than normal summer. According to an article regarding this forecast from, climate change is to blame for the warmer summers we have been having. And as I wrote above, this has been a trend for some time now in Albany. Except for the tail end of this winter, our last 2 winters have been fairly mild.

Hopefully the heat doesn't get too bad this summer. 90 degrees and super humid is now way to spend the season! Stay cool out there!

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