Police officers in Rochester have been suspended after body camera video caught them mishandling a minor while responding to a 'family-trouble' call.   While officers attempted to deescalate the situation,  pepper spray and handcuffs were used on a 9-year-old girl after she apparently refused to comply with their orders.

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The incident, according to Rochesterfirst.com, took place outside the girl's home on Friday. The source states that Rochester Police were called to the scene and approached by the 9-year-olds custodial parent. 

The parent informed them that the child could be of harm to herself and others, and might look to run away.  When officers got there, it became evident that the 9-year-old involved was emotionally charged.

The minor was ultimately placed in handcuffs and then held in the back of the patrol car.  That's when police officers, according to the source explained, "the minor refused to listen to them as they gave her multiple commands to place her feet inside the patrol car. This required an officer to use an irritant on the minor."

The video began circulating and on monday, Lovely Warren, the Mayor of Rochester and graduate of Albany Law School called the incident "horrible" stating that the actions of the Rochester Police "has rightly outraged, all of our community.”

On Monday afternoon it was announced by city officials that the officers involved "were suspended with pay, on the condition that a suspension without pay couldn’t last more than 30 days without a concluded internal investigation."

The source reports that suspensions will take effect immediately and that a thorough investigation will determine if other action will be taken against the police officers involved.


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