My first thought is how come stuff like this never happens to me? You will think the same when you read this story.

According to, William Shaffer, Jr. of Dansville, New York received a scratch off ticket as a Thank You gift for helping out his sister and brother-in-law for helping them out around the house. That gift turned into a $1 million for William. He said the win shocked him. Even crazier - he never plays the lottery, while his sister and brother-in-law do. Shaffer, Jr. told CNY he will take the lump sum payment of $661,000 and he plans on 'buying his dad a truck, taking care of his family and taking a family vacation'.

Isn't this just one of those stories when you say to yourself 'How come stuff like this never happens to me?' I guess no luck is better than bad luck. Imagine how the ticket givers feel! Though, based on William's plans for the money, he will take good care of them for giving him the ticket.