Who knew? Apparently it is illegal to adopt wild animals as pets.

I will say, if I knew it would not rip my face off, a raccoon would be a wild animal I would adopt. They are so cute, right? But, maybe it would not be a good idea as it is against the law, and well, the whole ripping your face off thing.

According to nyup.com, a man in the Finger Lakes region recently received a "...ticket for possession of wildlife other than permitted by law." Apparently the animal had been living with them for a few months. According to the article someone made a complaint, turning the homeowners in.

You have to admit it would be kind of interesting going to someone's house, walking in and seeing a raccoon cuddled up on the sofa. And yes this is a crazy story, but you have to imagine keeping a wild animal in your home, even it is friendly, is just a bad idea. Ya never know when that wild streak will come out!

I guess I will keep it safe at the Jeff residence with our two kitties Stirling and Ebony.