This has been a big story over the last 24 hours, and Coeyman's Police have released the results of a rabies test on the raccoon that was run down by a Police cruiser.

The Coeyman's Police Department posted the update below about yesterday's raccoon incident, and the animal did test positive for rabies. They also go in to a little more depth about why the officers chose to run down the animal, opposed to using a gun to put it down. This post definitely gives more context to the officer's actions, and while the video in questions is still hard to watch and will still upset some with this explanation, bullets ricocheting with people around are never a good thing.

You can view the Coeyman's Police statement here.

It's always easy to play armchair quarterback in these situations, but the bottom line is there was a rabid raccoon in a busy public place, police euthanized it and no one was hurt. That said, lets hope in the future they do find a better way to subdue a rabid animal as stated in this post.

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