Check out this massive estate in Upstate NY. It sits on 30 acres and the house is nice but the backyard is a mini amusement park. It comes with a go-kart track complete with go-karts, a cool waterslide, a heated saltwater pool, a helicopter pad, a koi pond, and more! The asking price for this Rotterdam, NY home is a cool $1.8 million. Take a look and picture yourself taking a few spins around that go-kart track. It's awesome!

👀Upstate NY 'Amusement Park' Home For Sale with Go-Kart Track & Waterslide

WOW! This is a special property and a huge estate. There is a mini amusement park complete with a go-kart track (go-karts included) and a waterslide. The waterslide leads into a heated saltwater pool. There is also a volcano display in the middle of the go-kart track! Also on the property are a koi pond, a tennis court, and a helicopter pad. This estate sits on 30 acres and is located in Rotterdam. The asking price is $1.8 million. 

Gallery Credit: 2023 Global MLS


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