Yes, this is a head scratcher. Pun intended.

Now, usually after I have a few drinks and need to get somewhere, the first thing I ponder is 'who can drive me where I need to go?' If you are reading this you probably think the same thing. Which is why this story is a double whammy. Not only did a Queensbury man decide to drive under the influence, but he also decided scratching off some lottery tickets while driving under the influence was a good idea.

According to, Joseph P. Sharpe II Queensbury was charged with DWI this weekend after he crashed his truck into a utility poll. He told officers he veered off the road while partaking in a few scratchies.

Thankfully, no one was injured. I do hope he scratched off a winner of 2 with those tickets - the winnings may come in handy for those fines.

Stay safe out there - don't drink, or 'scatch' and drive!