For the last few weeks Dave our producer has been having a whole lot of fun in the editing room here at WGNA. Apparently, there is just something about the way Bethany and I talk some mornings that makes Dave think a few beeps put in random places can make things sound a whole lot different than they did before and I have to say he is right.

This is the third edition of "Unnecessary Censorship" of the Sean and Bethany Show and so far Dave has made it funnier every week. If you want to catch these live by the way, we play them on Thursday mornings.

Remember as you are listening to this that in the original audio there were absolutely no swear words and really no off color intent at all. It truly is amazing how a few "beeps" and edits can make your mind go in so many different directions. The most interesting thing about it to me is that it is indeed, YOUR mind that makes this funny or not. If you are a little "dirty" by nature you may get more enjoyment out of it than others.

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