Jess and I decided to venture out to Starbucks today to try the new Unicorn Frappuccino. We thought we would split one to see what the big craze was all about. After a couple of sips, I was even surprised of how it tasted.Neither one of us are coffee drinkers so when Starbucks comes out with a non-coffee drink, we usually try it. At first, I have to admit, I was drawn in by the beautiful colors and the majestic look of the dusting of colors on the whipped cream top. I did read the ingredients and it contains mango creme, sweet flavor and sour flavor. That made me question how this may taste.

After sip #1 I was pleasantly surprised with how creamy and not tart the drink was. I thought with the mango flavoring it would taste of more mango, but as Jess pointed out, it had more of a strawberry creme taste.

I enjoyed most of the tall Unicorn Frappuccino and ya know what? I probably would order it again. Oh wait, I just learned that this size contains 39 grams of sugar, so maybe I won't.

Will you try it for yourself? Or are you tired of all of the designer drinks that come out and try to hook you in?

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