Is it a UFO or is there a much simpler explanation for the mysterious, sphere-like object caught on tape by an airline passenger recently?  In the 5-minute video, it does appear that something is darting and moving in the sky while a commercial airline touches down in Upstate, NY.

While it's unclear who is actually filming the UFO, one thing appears to be clear in the 5-minute video shared by and appearing all over YouTube recently; something is out there.

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Surely there could be any number of rational explanations for the sphere-like orb that appears to be following - or at least hovering - near a commercial plane landing in Rochester Airport on Monday, but it also may be a UFO or UAP or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.  The witness claims that the object hovered, but then would move suddenly, adding that "disturbances" around the vehicle suggested that the UFO had some sort of "propulsion mechanism."

According to Latest UFO Sightings, the official witness report states:

"Bright sphere object hovering and making directional changes in the sky above cloud layer. Bright spherical object hovering and making sudden directional changes in the sky above cloud layer. Observed while the plane was descending onto Rochester Airport. Air disturbances around the vehicle seem to be visible on video, suggesting possible propulsion mechanism." 

 I've watched the video a few times and I can't honestly say whether or not the object is "following" the airplane as it makes its descent into Rochester, or if the object is stationary. When I was a kid, I always thought the Moon was following our car whenever I would watch it on road trips, and that's very likely what's happening here.


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