Uber has released their most requested destinations of 2018, and the spot at the top of the list may surprise you.

Now, if I were a betting man, I would have bet on a bar in Saratoga or Downtown Albany landing at the top of this list. And I would lose that money! According to a Times Union Report, the Crossgates Mall was the most requested Uber destination of 2018. Which does not seem far-fetched - we Crossgates gets a ton of traffic.

So which destinations followed Crossgates in the top 5? Rivers Casino, Pearl Street Pub, City Beer Hall and the Saratoga Race Course are at 2 through 5 respectively. You can see the full top 10 from the Times Union story here.

Based on the top 5, it looks like ride-sharing is doing what proponents expected it to do here in the Capital Region: providing safe transportation for those who want to go out and enjoy some adult beverages, and being just a great transportation option for us to get around the Capital Region!




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