Local standout and team leading scorer, Joe Cremo: Out!  15 point per game scorer, David Nichols: Out!  This is heartbreaking news if you love U Albany men's basketball as it was announced on Thursday that it's top 2 leading scorers have decided to transfer out of the program to pursue bigger opportunities. This is shocking news as it's no secret that Joe Cremo, the teams best player, seemingly has a great relationship with coach Will Brown. Why leave now?  What does this mean for Great Danes basketball and it's terrific head coach?

Both players will have an oppurtunity to play in a bigger school, bigger conference, against better competiton and because they will be graduating from UA, they won't have to sit out a year to play for their next school once they transfer.  Where does this leave head coach Will Brown who has literally built this program into a mid major D-1 powerhouse for nearly a decade and a half? That's a good question.  We know he and his family have tremendous local ties, seem to really love the Capital Region and Coach Brown has become a symbol of class, consistency and stability with the purple and gold. 

Initial rumors are that he could be landing a job at a bigger school, bigger conference, and perhaps that's where his two biggest players could be headed.  Or maybe he stays, reloads, and does what always does.  Win.

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