New York's travel advisory has two new additions.

The number of states you can travel to without having to quarantine continues to dwindle. Governor Cuomo announced today Alaska and Delaware have now been added to the state travel advisory. As it currently stands, 35 states are on the list.

If you travel to a state on the advisory list, you must quarantine for two weeks upon returning to New York. The same quarantine period applies to travels from those states coming to New York.

While I am not personally travelling or am overly concerned about the list itself, the fact that it is not getting smaller is what disheartens me. It is just a sign that we are not moving as fast as we want when it comes to getting back to some of the big events/concerts we love, and just being able to think about the option of traveling without any need for quarantine guidelines.

I will keep following this list, and maybe in the coming weeks it will start ticking down and be a great indicator the pandemic is waning as well.

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