Two North Colonie elementary schools that were in lockout this morning (Southgate and Loudonville Elementary Schools) are back to their normal school days after police said there was no longer a threat Friday morning.

Officers are continuing to patrol the area near the schools after the district said a man had abandoned his car near the schools.

An email from North Colonie School District Friday morning said:

Southgate and Loudonville Elementary Schools are currently in lock out, per the Town of Colonie Police Department. The definition of a lock out is no one is allowed in or out of the building.


According to Colonie police, an individual fled a traffic stop near Shaker High School this morning.  The individual’s vehicle was found abandoned near 71 Old Niskayuna Rd., and a witness saw him flee into the woods heading towards Route 9, near Old Niskayuna Rd.  Police say there is no indication that this individual has a violent history; he is being pursued only as an exercise of caution because he fled a traffic stop.


A police presence is being held at Loudonville Elementary because of a concert that is currently going on.  Officers are assisting Principal Flynn with letting parents in and out of the building during the lock out.

In addition, a state police aviation unit is searching the area.  The North Colonie Central School District will send out another update as soon as we have one.