With an increase in traffic in the Malta area, and possibly even more traffic in the future, a plan has been submitted to build two more roundabouts in the town.

Google Street View

In recent years, Malta seems to be notorious for roundabouts. There are several at exit 12 of the Northway, and several others including some on Route 9.

According to the story from CBS 6 Albany, the planned area s for the roundabouts will both be on Round Lake Road at Rhule and Raylinski Roads, and also Chango Drive. 

Town Supervisor Paul Sausville believes that this is probably the safest option to adjust traffic patterns, now and in the future. Many residents of the area have been speaking out about how they feel towards more roundabouts. Some feel that they’re tricky to drive through; others don’t think that they look good.

 People can expect the construction to start later this year, and be finished close to 2015.

We’ve had quite a few roundabouts built in the Albany area over the last few years. Do you think they’re a good idea? Is there a place where you think that a roundabout would work really well?