It seems like there is a Stewart's Shop on every corner. I love the convenience of having them all around the Capital Region. Now the company has announced that two of their shops will close next week.  Stewart's Shops announced that two of their stores will be shut down by November 4th. According to the Times Union, the company is closing their Morton Avenue store in Albany and the Guy Park Avenue store in Amsterdam.

Stewart's says that those stores don't do enough business to stay open. They blame the increased wages, health care costs and other factors. They are also at a disadvantage because they lack the equipment and space to expand their on the go foods. Stewart's says that their to go foods are the major part of their growth.

Employees of the two stores that are closing will be offered jobs at other Stewart's Shops. There are other Stewart's locations less than a mile away from where these stores are closing. Stewart's also says that this does not reflect how their company is doing.

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