There are a few shows on Nickelodeon that our six year old loves. They include SpongeBob, Henry Danger and Peppa Pig. Well now because of a cable dispute, those shows and many other networks may be going away as soon as today.  The contract between Spectrum's parent company Charter Communications and Viacom expired yesterday and it doesn't look good. The talks and negotiations are not going well.

Viacom's channel package includes Nickelodeon, CMT, Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, Spike and TV Land. This means many of the shows that you or your kids enjoy may be dropped and those networks unavailable.

Get this, Spectrum is saying that Viacom is overcharging them to carry those networks. Viacom, however, is claiming that they have made several offers to try and negotiate but Spectrum won't budge.

If the two companies can't reach an agreement, 16 million customers could lose all of Viacom's 23 channels and all of the networks they have.

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