This is not meant to be one of these "I'm here and you're not -ha ha ha" articles.  I want to show you what we have been experiencing over the past couple of days in hopes that you can make this your vacation spot. And in fact, you can WIN a trip here! 

We are here, as we speak, at Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort Villages & Spa broadcasting live from the "Key West" section. This is our setup.

us turks caicos
live radio photo

Ok, on to some of the sights.

Do you like food? Actually, food is a lousy word. I should say GOURMET cuisine. This is just one of many, many examples from the 20 different restaurants—SUSHI!

photo by Richie Phillips

Remember, it's all inclusive! No wallet needed. They don't even allow tipping!

And since we are talking about beaches here at Beaches…

Beaches sailboats
photo by Richie Phillips

The water sports here are incredible. What a place to bring your family! The scuba diving, water sports, games and land sports are all included! (You must be certified for the scuba)

Now, speaking of water sports, they have very active sports, very passive sports and everything in between. Check this out:

lazy river beaches
photo by Richie Phillips

Lazy river —my kind of sport!

So many more shots to wade through, but I hope this gives you a little sampling of what's available here.

And remember, you can win a trip here!  Here's the details.



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