Let's get something out of the way first. I am not a vegetarian. No offense intended to you if you are, but I like meat. Burgers, steaks and yes, turkeys. However, I also have a twisted view of the world. That's why when it comes to thinking about Thanksgiving, my mind starts to wonder about the feasibility of having a turkey as a pet.

Come to find out, it's not that bad really. In fact, the Huffington Post a few years ago did a story about this very subject and they learned that having a turkey as a pet isn't all that crazy.

Despite their differences, turkeys and traditional pets share traits such as the ability to love unconditionally, loyalty and intelligence, owners said. Dr. Drucilla Roberts, a pathologist from Millis, Mass., pointed out a bonus: "They give us manure and eggs."

"I was always told that turkeys were the dumbest of farm animals. But that's not true. They know us and protect us. If a stranger comes, the turkey is right in his face and clucking and raising its feathers. They make great noises," Roberts said.

Somehow, I'm guessing the postal delivery guy in Schenectady won't be real pleased when my pet turkey gets in his face.

I guess my twisted idea isn't as twisted as I had hoped. Turkeys as pets is so common that there are even helpful tips on how to do it.

Since I initially came up with this idea thinking it would be different, I'm disappointed that having a turkey as a pet is not unusual. Guess I'll have to revisit my idea of adopting a white tailed deer.

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