A Troy eatery is about to take on a new life!

We have had several new restaurants either open in the last few weeks or make the announcement they would be opening in the near future in 2023. You can add another new eatery to that list, but one that is currently operating that will be heading in a new culinary direction.


According to a story from Notes On Napkins, the current Daisy Bar + Tacos location at Fourth and Liberty in Troy has gone dark to make preparations to reopen with a new menu on Wednesday, January 25th. The Daisy amde the announcement on Facebook this past weekend and said their location in Cohoes will not be affected by this change.

Notes on Napkins says the new chicken eatery will be called Frankie Bird and is slated to open on Wednesday, January 25th. The new restaurant will join several other new Capital Region eateries that have a focus on chicken that have already opened or will open in the near future, including 518 Donuts in Troy, Tex's Burgers and Chicken in Colonie, and the new Buffalo Wild Wings to Go in Schenectady.

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