The Capital Region has a new eatery on the way that focuses on fresh, local, and natural burgers and chicken.

Set up a new burger or chicken spot, and I am 100% in to try it out! Combo both in the same restaurant? I am 200% in! We have plenty of great local spots and chains for burgers or chicken, and a New York City-based chain is bringing the best of both worlds to the Capital Region.

Tex's Chicken and Burgers is all about fresh, natural ingredients and value according to their website. The menu features everything from burgers and chicken sandwiches to fried chicken and tenders to sides like fries, biscuits, and mashed potatoes.

The chain, which was founded in 2016 and currently operates eateries in New York City, Philly, and Washington DC is planning on bringing its self-described "heavenly crispy chicken" and "irresistible burgers" to the Capital Region.

Tex's Chicken and Burgers Panning Colonie Restaurant

According to a Times Union report, the town of Colonie has approved an application for a new Tex's to set up shop at the strip mall located at 1875 Central Avenue, across the street from CarMax. The Times Union report did not report any timeline for when the store would open and this one seems still early in the process as building permits have yet to be issued.

This spot on Central Avenue is the perfect spot for a chain like this for those living or working in the area, as a similar fast food option like this is a little bit of a drive in either direction. We will keep you posted when Tex's is set to open!

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