I have had so many fun experiences at the TreePaad in Malta celebrating kids' birthdays so I was sad to learn that they suddenly closed.  After a fire ripped through the TreePaad Fun Center five years ago, the owners have announced that they are closed. According to the Times Union, the fire was determined to be arson from a former employee. The man was sentenced to eight years in prison. The TreePaad rebuilt and reopened.

They have been struggling since the fire when they had to borrow money to keep the TreePaad open in order to pay bills on time. They had recently experienced a slowdown in business and couldn't keep up with their vendors and their lenders.

They explained their sudden closure on their website and went on to say,

We apologize for the lack of notice but the final decision to close was finally reached this past weekend. We are truly sorry for any hardship this may cause you...We are considering a reorganization plan with a possible investor, but we can’t make any promises at this point. In any event, any plan to financially reorganize will take at least 60-90 days.

They are hoping to reopen sometime soon but they say they can't make any promises.

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