As someone who devours my share of Stewart's Ice Cream, anytime they make an announcement regarding their delicious frozen creamy delights, my ears perk right up. Many of you may have heard by now that by the end of July, they'll be introducing a new 'vegan ice cream'.  Stewart's is easing in a dairy-free chocolate peanut butter cup and then more than likely, have more options down the road.  What's not public were the flavors that didn't make the cut.  So here at GNA we thought we would try to get inside the execs heads at Stewart's and we created a list of the "Top 10 Rejected Stewart's Vegan Ice Cream Flavors".  Wanna try any of these?

10.  Hummus Along the Mohawk
 9.   Kaydeross Beans
 8.   Death by Chia Seeds 
 7.   Chick Pea Pandamonium 
 6.   Yeast Jesus 
5.    Quinoa Not?
4.    Tofu The Price Of One
3.    Mike Tyson’s -Edamame Said Knock You Out
2.    Hempseedly Hash
1.    Don’t Knock It Lentil Ya Tried It

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