I have to admit, I love Halloween. Not only because I have a six-year-old boy, but because I have a dog I can dress up. As I plan on what my dog, Freddie, will wear this Halloween, I found a list of the top pet costumes. A survey says that only 16% of pet owners will put their dogs in costumes this Halloween. That makes me sad. I always thought, as long as they are comfortable, dressing up your dog for the holiday is cute and fun. There have been a few costumes I was a fan of. When I had my corgi, Keiko, I dressed him up with a jockey on his back. This was one of my favorites.

dog costume -jockey Chrissy, Townsquare Media

Freddie went with more traditional costumes. Here he is dressed as Eeyore and a lion.

dog costumes

It was good to know that the lion made the top five as one of the most popular dog costumes. The most popular is a pumpkin. Then it was a hot dog, a dog, a lion and a pirate.

Will you dress up your pets this Halloween? What costume will you choose?