SO today I took  a very informal poll on my Facebook asking people what show the love that most people haven't even heard of. By that standard, I pretty much excluded most shows on network TV and the blockbuster shows on the pay channels. It still left me a long list of shows to go through.

By taking the results from my poll only keeping the shows with multiple votes, and searching the inter-webs for other opinions I have come up with a list of 10. Now, I am not placing these in any order it is just the most common 10 shows you are probably not watching, with a little promo clip of each. Feel free to add the ones you like in the "comments" section at the bottom of this page..

1. Burn Notice/USA Network:

2. Suits/USA Network:

3. Orphan Black/BBC America TV:

4. Franklin And Bash/TNT:


6. Copper/BBC America TV:

7. Sherlock/BBC America TV:

8. Rizzoli And Isles/TNT:

9. Sons Of Anarchy/FX:

10. Falling Skies/TNT

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