It seems ridiculous to think it's illegal in New York state to do something like warming up your car in your own drive way on a cold day, but it is. After we posted about that a couple of weeks ago, it got me thinking, "hmmm, what other dumb laws do we have in New York?"

Turns out, there are a bunch!Here are 10 of the dumbest laws in New York...

  1. It's against the law to throw a ball at someone's head for fun. I guess the goal should be to do it, just don't enjoy it?
  2. The penalty for jumping off of a building is...get this...death! Wouldn't you probably expect that? I mean, if you're jumping off a building, maybe that's your goal?
  3. On Sundays, you may not walk around with an ice cream cone in your pocket. Any other day of the week, sure, but who would ever do this?!
  4. You can be fined $25 for flirting. Maybe next time you get hit on and the guy or girl doesn't get the hint, find the nearest police officer? Or let them buy you a drink and it'll be kind of the same thing these days.
  5. While riding an elevator you must face forward, with hands folded without saying anything to anyone. Man, I've violated this one a LOT!
  6. Women can be topless in public, as long as it's not for a business. Well ladies, I guess the tatas can be out if you so desire. Though, I've never witnessed this actually happen.
  7. You can't get divorced for irreconcilable differences if the other party doesn't agree. I mean, you can't get divorced if the other person won't agree to sign the papers, so you could probably put just about any reason in that law.
  8. You can not smoke within 100ft of an entrance to a public building. My asthma thanks this law.
  9. A license must be purchased before you can hang your clothes out on a line. Funny fact, my realtor actually said that it was illegal to have a clothesline when I said, "aww, I want one."
  10. Every business must have a spittoon and they must be cleaned every 24hrs. I'm assuming this law was a thing in the days of cowboys and the wild outlaws? (that sounds like a band, hehe!)

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