Let's be real here, Tom Brady is at heart just a dude like everyone else. When he is on vacation with his family he should be able to do whatever makes him happy, but some New England Patriot fans aren't super happy about seeing there star player doing crazy things like cliff jumping in the off season.

I think for Patriot fans watching this video their hero put on Facebook, was much like a Mom watching their kid climbing a tree. You know it's something they are going to do whether you want them to or not and it's even a rite of passage, but you may not want to watch. See a Mom is always going to see the worst happening in her mind no matter what. (I'll be honest, Fathers do too).

So I'll let you be the judge, should a guy who is arguably the best Quarterback in the history of the NFL, who is also not getting any younger and always a risk factor for injury, be doing these kinds of dangerous things? Remember Big Ben of the Steelers getting into a motorcycle accident with no helmet? They quickly put a new clause in that guy's contract.

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