November 11th, 2011 is a huge date for many people, especially happily, devoted couples.  But what's so significant about today?  Well, its 11/11/11, of course!  Many believe that double numbers are lucky making today's date the most talked about for the last few months.

Not only is it the most sought after date of this year, but it's also a great date for all you guys because then you have no excuse to forget your wedding anniversary.  Perfect if you were the first one to think of getting married today, but not so great if you were a little slow getting on the bandwagon.

Las Vegas

Over 100 chapels in Las Vegas have been promoting an 11/11/11 wedding package for the last few months.  Nearly all of them at this point, are sold out!  Not only that, but the Clark County clerk's office reportedly received 3,500 pre-applications for today's date.  The office usually only sees 1,000 monthly. 

Want to know what's even crazier?  Rumor has it, certain chapels or reception venues have already been booked for 12/12/12!  The Chapel of Flowers in Last Vegas is already booked for that date.  Can you guess what time slot is filled?  That's right -- 12:12pm. 

It's official.  I'm eloping.

If you or someone you know is not this crazy, and has a wedding to plan in the near distant future, send them to our website.  We know of a way for someone to win a $30,000 wedding.

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