If you thought that you would never marry rich, well here's your chance. There is a millionaire bachelor out there looking for his wife. All you have to do is apply online. There is a millionaire out in Utah that is doing a Bachelor-like matchmaking gimmick to try and find a bride. According to KSL-TV, there are billboards that were put up all over Salt Lake City soliciting for The LDS Matchmaker which is a Mormon matchmaking site to find a millionaire a partner.

It has been confirmed that this is a real millionaire bachelor that wishes to remain anonymous until he finds his match. There is a dating coach working with him and the client is looking for love. They do know that the man is a member of the Mormon church between 30 and 45 years old. He comes from a large family and is originally from San Diego.

Applications are being accepted through May 31st. After the applications have been sifted through, twenty women will be chosen to attend an event on June 7th. That's where they will meet the millionaire bachelor. From there the bachelor will narrow it down further.

To get more details and apply click HERE.

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