As I'm typing this, my fingers are so cold they are numb.  I just asked my husband to put another log on the fire, and although we've only had an actual "winter" for a few days this year, I'm already sick of it!

Searching for signs of spring and summer on the internet this morning I ran across this video of Washington Park in downtown Albany on a beautiful May morning last spring.  It was shot just after dawn and just before the crowds arrived for another eventful Tulip Festival.

It's an aerial tour of the park and it's stunning!

Watching the video is hypnotic! It's beautiful and breathtaking!  I don't know about you, but I feel like sometimes I take Albany for granted.  I forget just how lovely it is!  The tulips are beautiful, the grass is green, and the park is so majestic.

I feel like I think about downtown Albany in a whole knew way!  Also, let's remember that spring will come and our city will soon be looking like this again!

Thanks to Craig Media Productions for shooting this film.

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