One city is taking the initiative to ban smoking from outdoor parks and outside sporting events. Officials are saying that there is more of a problem with the littering of cigarette butts and will also help to eliminate second hand smoke at all parks and trails.Clifton Park is taking a stand against smoking at their parks like the Clifton Commons. The Town Board unanimously agreed to adopt a resolution that would immediately ban smoking in all public parks, trails, and nature preserves. They have teamed up with the Living Tobacco-Free Initiative, a grant effort funded by the New York Bureau of Tobacco Control Program. Although there will be no fines or tickets handed out, there will be a concerted effort for town park officials to remind people of the rules. Signs will also be put up to warn those who are smoking or littering in the area.

I really hope this isn't the only town that adopts these rules. There is nothing worse that attending a kid's sporting event where someone is smoking nearby. It really makes me uncomfortable to say something so it's nice to know that Clifton Park is taking action and with the signs, if someone is to say something there are rules to back them up.

What do you think of the new rules in Clifton Park?


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