I'll admit, I watch a lot of crime shows and "Psycho" related type of stuff, but this story out of Schenectady is just plain creeeeeeeeepy! Harold Ortiz strangled a woman and hid her lifeless body within a cubicle in his basement on Union Street. But wait - there's more. The next day, he knocked a man unconcious with a shovel and put him under the same rubble in the basement leaving him to die. The thing is, that man, Ralph Carson, who is 65 years old, survived after waiting to be rescued for three days!

Ortiz had only been out of prison not even 2 months (he served 17 years in state prison) and is now heading back for 30 years to life.

Sometimes these kind of guys will try to play it off like they didn't do it. Ya know, "not guilty." But, that's not how Ortiz likes to play. He wants the credit. He's plead guilty to second-degree murder, first-degree kidnapping, third-degree grand larceny and possessing stolen property with sentencing happening August 15th.

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