This is hysterical.  It's Saturday morning, and Im trying to catch up on blogging. (Hell, it beats mowing!).  I was looking for a local event or something to talk about, and I get this email called "Last Minute Note!"  Perfect timing! There's a family fun day planned at the Stillwater American Legion located off of Lake Street today!  Better stop what you're doing and head over there!    There's rides, food, live music, contests and vendor activities, including a barbeque starting at 5PM according to the website.  Also, FIREWORKS by Alonzo's at 10pm!

Now since one of the local groups playing there sent me the email, I would be remiss if I didn't mention their name.  It's SWITCHPOINT. They are a fantastic duo, singing those great oldies we all know and love (and being an oldie, I can appreciate that alot!)

So go see Chris Crowley and   Switchpoint at 3pm!  Taste all the good food, and enjoy the music and all the fun.  Just follow Rte 32 to the Mobil Staton in Stillwater.  Follow the left fork in the road, and you'll run right into it (literally, unless you slow down!)