Once again, folks, a picture is worth a thousand words.  In this case it's worth a thousand pieces of useless crap in your front side and back yard that's actually so bad, it's visible from Google Maps!
According to ABC7news.com, there's a home in California that has contains so much--ahhhh---how do I say it delicately? Stuff - we'll go with that.  This place has so much stuff in their yard that you can actually see it from a satellite view on Google Maps.  I'll save you having to search for it yourself.  Check this out.  This came from the Huffington Post and ABC7News.com

I have been laughing about this all morning.  That's fantastic, huh?

Do you watch those hoarder reality shows on TV?  Do you know a hoarder?  What's that person like ?(no names, please).  What's the weirdest piece of junk you've seen in a person's yard?  Would love to know!