We all have smells that take us back to our childhood. Well now, a company that manufactures a popular childhood item has decided to patent that distinct smell. Hasbro, the toy company that has made thousands of toys, is now patenting a familiar scent to all of us. According to the Times Union, the United State Patent and Trademark Office announced that it has Play-doh's smell registered now with a trademark. They don't usually give a scent a patent.

Play-doh has been around since 1956 and Hasbro just applied for the scent patent last year. They describe the smell as a "sweet, slightly musky, vanilla fragrance, with overtones of cherry and combined with the smell of salted, wheat based dough."

Hasbro said that the smell of Play-doh has "always been synonymous with childhood and fun."

Fun fact, there are already Play-doh scented products out there. Including cologne and soy candles. Not sure if they will have to pay royalties to Hasbro.

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