On the Sean and Richie Show, we feature a segment called "Stupid News", where people show their complete and total ignorance of everything, including the law.  Well, this guy might have just started a new feature - "Absolutely Brilliant News!"  Did you hear about the $330,000 home that a man from Texas ended up getting for $16.00?  According to ABC News.com (via Good Morning America segment)

    The home was in foreclosure, and the owner abandoned the property. That's when Kenneth Robinson swooped in and, after submitting a $16 filing fee at the local courthouse, claimed the law of "adverse possession" gave him the right to occupy the home

 Here's an explanation  from Mackinley Greenlaw 

In light of this ingenius squatter's last name, I really wanted to do a song congratulating him.  I love it!  It's about TIME the consumer actually got the better end of a bank negotiation! 

But I was going to go with a takeoff of a great  Simon and Garfunkel hit:

Cheers to you, Kenneth Robinson , heres  to all loopholes that you know

(you) smart ho-bo....

A sixteen buck fee -Kenneth Robinson

the owners and the bank have moved away

Boy, that's great -


( This is another in a long line of "works in progress".  You may hear this on the show Thursday.  I've gotta tweak it alot!)

The big question here is - should he really be allowed to do something like this, even though it's apparently legal?  Are you mad at old Ken or happy for him?  Would love to know!