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The cost of almost everything these days just keeps escalating.  Gas, groceries, clothes, internet, cell phone, rent, insurance, streaming services, a cup of coffee - you name it, it's going up!  Concert tickets and entertainment are by no means exempt, but some will argue that escalating ticket prices make it hard to see your favorite performer.

You almost have to be rollin' in it to afford anything, especially concert tickets. But ticket prices these days are like the stock market, and when an artist is on fire, the price goes up, and that’s what is happening right now with Jelly Roll.

And while tickets for his September 24th show at MVP Arena haven't even gone on sale to the general public yet, country fans from the Capital Region with pre-sale codes told us that prices have inflated to "Morgan Wallen-like levels" from back in the summer of 2022.

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Jelly Vowed to Keep Ticket Prices Down

Following the recent announcement of his headlining arena tour, Jelly Roll said he's trying to keep tickets as affordable as possible while telling fans to stay away from third-party sellers. “Some people have said they already purchased tickets from websites like Stubhub and other 3rd party ticketing websites. If you did, you purchased tickets that haven’t been released yet and paid way more than you could’ve gotten them for at pre-sale,” he told sources. 

How Much Are Jelly Roll Tickets in Albany?

The ticket prices we saw from fans right here in the Capital Region tell another story.  And these fans weren't trying to get them from a 3rd party seller, they were using the pre-sale link Jelly Roll provided, and ticket prices were already approaching astronomical levels.

Jerry, a country music fan from Clifton Park, told GNA that he was one of the first to get access to tickets using the Jelly Roll pre-sale code, and tickets on the floor at MVP Arena would have been over $700 a piece, and that's not including extra fees. While tickets for seats much higher up were selling for around $200 per ticket.

Ultimately, Jerry told us the price was a little too steep for his liking and passed, but almost certainly, those tickets were scooped up by someone else.

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Morgan Wallen Ticket Prices, Summer of 2022

A year and a half ago, at the peak of his popularity, lawn tickets (yes, lawn) to see Wallen at SPAC started at $237 EACH, while one ticket in "the pit" which is right in front of the stage went for nearly $3,000.  But that didn't dissuade people from buying, as nearly 25,000 fans packed SPAC to see him live that evening.

Lawn tickets for Morgan Wallen start at $237 EACH
One ticket in the Pit for Morgan Wallen is going for nearly $3K!

GNA is giving Jelly Roll tickets away all this week (February 26 through March 1st) with Brian and Chrissy in the Morning, and most certainly when we get closer to his Albany show in September.

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