They may think they're the Bonnie and Clyde of the Capital Region, but law enforcement is hot on their tail trying to track down a duo that police say have gone on a week-long stealing spree.

Police are asking the public for some assistance; do you recognize these two, have you seen them?

Back on June 23rd, an SCS flatbed tow truck was stolen from a BP Station in Prospect Park PA, and the couple on the run has bee been able to evade police ever since.

It took a few days, but with assistance from the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office, police were able to identify the male and female who stole the SCS flatbed tow truck from the BP Station on June 23rd.


Who are they?

The male is identified as Tyler Moon of Gansevoort and the female as Chantelle Joubert of Schaghticoke.

Photo: PPPD Facebook
Chantelle Joubert of Schaghticoke is wanted by police
Photo: PPPD Facebook
Tyler Moon of Gansevoort is wanted by police

Moon and Joubert began their car-stealing spree on June 22nd in Saratoga County.

That's when according to police in PA,  they took a motor vehicle from Cumberland Farms in Saratoga County.
According to a Facebook post on Wednesday night by Sergeant Henry O'Neill with the Prospect Park Police Department, "Moon & Joubert led the NY State Police on a chase into NJ before the chase was terminated. A few hours later, Moon and Joubert arrived in Prospect Park in the stolen vehicle from NY and left it in the BP Station before taking the tow truck."
According to the Sergeant, arrest warrants are pending for Moon & Joubert and they currently have arrest warrants out of Saratoga County for the motor vehicle theft up there.
Moon & Joubert are on the run and the tow truck has still not been recovered at this time.  Anyone with info can contact the Saratoga County Sheriff's Office at 518-885-6761.

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