Apparently this may be the last week we are on this planet. There is a "researcher" that claims that according to a Bible passage and how the natural disasters are stacking up, it's all over on Saturday. David Mead, who is a Christian numerologist and a self proclaimed researcher, says that according to the Book of Revelation, a series of catastrophic events results in a "major part of the world not being the same". Could he mean the earthquakes and hurricanes that have been happening?

Here's where it gets weird. Mead also claims that a mythical planet called Nibiru is hurling toward Earth. According to him, it should hit our planet on Saturday. NASA scientists say that this planet does not exist. If it did, they would be able to see it on various satellites. They claim it would be very bright and easily seen even with the naked eye.

So according to the big wigs at NASA, Earth should remain in tact and that means one thing in my world, I will have to suffer through watching my NY Jets play horribly this Sunday.

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