See which burgers joints were voted the best in the Capital Region by GNA listeners.

I am always looking for new places to eat, especially the best places to get specific foods. And when it comes to a great burger, everyone has some great go to spots. So I recently asked GNA Nation who serves the best burgers in the Capital Region. We got so many great suggestions, and you could argue they all deserve to be here. But, here are the top 5 burger spots in the Capital Region according to you!

Honorable Mention: Man of Kent - Hoosick Falls

Man of Kent has many amazing reviews on Yelp, and this one pretty much sums the tavern up:

I've been Elevated, Smashed, Five Guyed, Burger Fi'ed, Wagyu'd, Kobe'd and everything in between, and never have I had a burger that comes anything close to what can be had in the middle of nowhere at the Man of Kent Tavern...we're talking world class burger bliss here. - Steven H.

5. Crave - Albany

Here's another one I could feature some great reviews on, but with the photo above, it is not even necessary. Look at the picture. Look at it again. Now stop licking your monitor or smartphone screen and go to Crave to have one of their tasty burgers!

4. Wagon Train BBQ - Rotterdam

Yes, you are seeing what you think you are seeing. It is not a tasty mirage. That is a real deal, pulled pork burger known as 'The Tombstone' from Wagon Train BBQ in Rotterdam. You can also call this heaven on a bun. With the first of 2 entries from Rotterdam in our top 5, the town is apparently a hot bed for great burgers!

3. Red Robin

The first of 2 chains that landed in our top 5, Red Robin is known for their wide variety of different burgers. Like the mac and cheese burger. A mac and cheeseburger, simply amazing, right? And with locations in Latham, Halfmoon and Saratoga, there is always a great burger right nearby at Red Robin.

2. Five Guys

The second and final chain in our top 5, Five Guys is not your average chain: their burgers are universally loved by all, not just here in the Capital Region. Based on how many locations they have in the area, you could argue for them to be #1 on this list.

But they are not #1 which takes us to our top spot...

1. Maxon's American Grill - Rotterdam

Come on, just come on. We have a mac and cheese burger above, but how bout this concoction of burger greatness? Mac and Cheese bites? Bacon? Sriracha? Come pick me up at the GNA studios right now, because I want to go eat burgers like this at Maxon's in Rotterdam - voted the #1 burger spot in the Capital Region by you!

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