**Warning** The following video does not contain any fitness models, sweaty tan muscle heads, fancy workout clothes, or people thirsty for "likes". What it does contain is will, grit, the power of positive thinking and a man named Kevin with cerebral palsy who's determination leaves me equal parts speechless and inspired.

Normally, I'm not a fan of watching workout videos.  However, this is without a doubt one of the most inspirational Instagram workout videos I've ever seen and I simply cannot get enough of them. A buddy of mine, Dean Leber, owns a gym in Albany called Black Sheep Athletics where he trains and coaches all different types of athletes, and routinely posts videos on his IG. I've seen him post videos before of one of his athletes named Kevin. He's an author who types with his nose, he's an athlete who wants to accomplish the same things in the gym as you and I do.  Naturally his his cerebral palsy slows him down a bit.  Want to know what keeps him motivated?  Naysayers.

Take two minutes out of your day and please watch and share this with someone who could use a little "positivity" in their world!

***See Kevin's text to coach Leber, then follow the  ----->>  to see Kevin go hard as hell on those ropes***




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