I had the worst sleep last night!  I tossed and turned, I had bad dreams, I got up and got a drink, I stared at the clock, I mean, come on!  It got to the point where I was happy to hear my alarm!  At 3:45am!  No one enjoys that!

Can you relate? A new survey found the top 10 reasons we have a bad night's sleep.

Check 'em out . . .

1.  Your partner snores. Check! (Love you babe!)

2.  Your partner tosses and turns. (Uh huh...)

3.  You're worried about various things. (Um, yes!)

4.  It's too hot or cold. (Both over the last week! #UpstateNewYork)

5.  You're stressed about work. (See also Sean McMaster and Richie Philips)

6.  You know you have to be up early. (3:45... every weekday)

7.  The bed is uncomfortable. (I'm good here, I actually love my bed)

8.  There are noises outside. (Nah... use a fan for white noise.)

9.  Your kids wake you up. (Mooooooommmm.... I wet the bed... on accident.)

10.  Your joints or muscles ache.  (Neck pains - see also #5)

The survey also found that 75% of couples go to bed at different times at least four nights a week.

The top reasons for that are:  One person was shopping online . . . playing games . . . or up taking care of the kids.

So, how many of these are happening in your life?  What are some things you do about it?  Help!

Photo Credit - Think Stock (Ostill)
Photo Credit - Think Stock (Ostill)

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