Frontier Town, nestled in the Adirondacks, has provided many fond memories for plenty of people in Upstate New York. Here is what New York State hopes to be done with it.

The main thing the state is focused on is getting the site open. They however don't seem to have the vision of Frontier Town in mind. What they would like to see happen, according to the Times Union and the Cuomo administration is to turn it into an "Adirondack Gateway". The have in mind a visitors center, campground and other things to quote "make them stay a while".

I personally never experienced Frontier Town myself. So I don't know if I should be mad that something of yesteryear isn't going to be brought back to its former luster. I mean, they aren't saying that isn't a possibility. Quite a few developers walked through the abandoned park on Wednesday so its possible anything could happen on the premises. Full story is below.

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