This is one of my favorite times of the year. Yes, the snow slows down, the weather gets warmer but more importantly, it's Girl Scout cookie season.

I don't have any young women in my family that sell cookies and I just started in a new job so I find myself without a go-to Girl Scout this time of year. On a side note, because I don't have my go-to Girl Scout, I feel like I'm doing something illegal sometimes. I have to ask around to see if anyone has a connection to get my product, once I get it I can't stop, but luckily the worst part of the cookies are the pounds I put on by the boxes I put away.

girl scout cookies, twitter
girl scout cookies, twitter

Either way, I needed to find a way to get around having to creep around finding out if my new co-workers have any children so I went to the Internet. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Girl Scout cookies on Amazon! Perfect, I get my cookies, help out the Girl Scouts and I don't have to be the new office creeper. Except, I was wrong. Apparently the Girl Scout cookies on Amazon are real but bootlegged and worse, most of those end up expired. (Also, note this as the day I learn they expire, I never let them last that long)

I don't know what kind of people are scalping Girl Scout cookies and trying to take money away from a great organization but just note that though it seems like an easy fix, it's not. If you're stuck like I am without a go-to Girl Scout, the only thing I can recommend is using the Cookie Locator and finding them outside of a store. Enjoy & good luck!

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