girl scouts

She's One Smart Cookie
Most Girl Scouts bring their cookie order sheets to mom or dad's work, this Girl Scout in California decided to capitalize on the folks that would want a quick snack.
Free Family Fun at the Capitol
Not sure if you noticed or not, but I had to leave the morning show a little early yesterday because my beautiful, smart, funny, silly daughter Madelyn had a field trip.
She's a Girl Scout and they had a big celebration at the Capitol.
But while we were there we decided to see what other kinds of…
Money Lessons With Girl Scouts
Some Girl Scouts dropped by WGNA to chat with Bethany about what things cost in the "real world."
Do you think they did okay? Wouldn't it be nice if most things were only a couple of bucks!
Let's Ban the Word Bossy!
A new PSA is out, by Beyoncé, Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook COO and author of Lean In), Condoleezza Rice, Jane Lynch, Jennifer Garner, and many more strong women, and men.  It's focus?  Banning the word "Bossy"!
I personally can attest, being called "…