No matter where you go throughout the US you will find bad drivers. The Capital Region however has a few things going against it for bad driving.

Now as someone who has been driving on the roads of the area for a while I have noticed a few things that stand out. One being that nobody knows how to merge. That literally could include me. There are two ideas on how to merge into a lane and nobody knows which one is correct. Do you just keep going the speed you are in the merge lane or do you allow someone to move in by slowing down a little? I personally try to move into the next lane to avoid this issue.

The main reason why we are bad at driving in the Capital Region is just due to the fact we have so many people driving around. Including people in other states that have different speed limits and traffic laws. Think about this. We think we are so good at driving, could it be because we are surrounded by states that are atrocious at it? Either was it is just a simple fact, in bigger areas of the country driving is worse.

Whether we are bad or not, at least we don't drive like this.


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