I have to say, I may have had an advantage over many country music fans tonight as I have heard, and loved both songs performed by Chris Stapleton and Justin Timberlake tonight. I went into this performance a fan of both artists and was a little excited to see what the mix of a traditional country/blues artist and a pop/R&B artist would sound like. I was not only not disappointed, I was blown away. This is proof that music is not only universal, it transcends formats when it is done right.

A lot of people argue what is and what is not "Country Music" and I think for me it has always come down to this: if I am in a bar with dirt on the floor and smoke in the air and I am with friends and really celebrating all that is life and love, if the song hits my heart or moves my feet, it's country. This performance from top to bottom is country.

I know that most of you already know all you need to know about Justin Timberlake. Honestly, the guy is amazing at everything he touches, ugh. I hope that what you really take away from this is what an amazing vocalist, musician and performer Chris Stapleton is, and I can only hope it creates a desire and call for more of his music on mainstream country radio stations across America. I even wrote about him earlier this year and this is also an incredible performance of a great song, Just click here to hear more and learn more about Chris Stapleton.

Enjoy and let me know your thoughts.