I'm sure you know by now that our favorite spirit medium, Maureen Hancock, will be coming to the Capital Region on May 15. I always wondered how these mystical powers of hers came about, so I did a little bit of digging

Maureen Hancock is truly fascinating. Every time we've had her on the air, she causes a virtual meltdown of our phone lines.  It's getting to the point that we just have to say "Coming up, Maureen…." and that's all you need. I mean, come on!  Who doesn't want to see if they can reconnect with someone who has passed on?

It's really uncanny how she can hone in on someone and get so specific. I'm way past thinking that it's some kind of trick. And there's just no way she could come up with obscure names and events in our listeners' lives by just guessing.

I found this old TV interview where she talks about he childhood and how she might have obtained these incredible powers.  It's worth a look,  especially if you intend on coming to the show at the Egg in downtown Albany.

Tickets are still available as of this writing. Get them while they're hot. I can't tell you when they are going to run out. (What am I, a mindreader?)