The results are in.  Are you watching what the majority of New Yorker's are watching on Netflix?

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings
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High Speed Internet has done the research of what each state is streaming on Netflix.   Turns out, the majority of New Yorker's are watching “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.”  Who knew? I didn't even know this was a show, but now I almost feel like I have to give it a try.

The website goes on the generalize that

New Englanders prefer their women strong and hearty, with shows that feature female protagonists including Nurse Jackie, New Girl, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and Shameless.

The states surrounding us are binge watching these shows:

  • New York: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
  • New Jersey: Narcos
  • Massachusetts: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
  • Connecticut: Bloodline
  • Vermont: New Girl

So, are you in the Majority? I myself am not.  In fact, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” isn’t even on my “what to binge watch next” list.  Now that I look at the other states, “Narcos,” and “Bloodline” are not on my list either.  Although, I am a fan of “New Girl.”

What do you think is the best show to binge on?

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