It’s such a catch 22.  The weather is warming up, summer is on it’s way and I LOVE that, but it also means my favorite shows are coming to an end for the season. 

You know I love my TV!  So, I HATE this time of year.  Then, to make it worse, the network release a cancellation list!  Ugh, and it’s always my favorite shows they cancel.  Like. "Harry’s Law” and “Unforgettable”!  So, I thought I would share the list with you so we can be frustrated together!  Let me know what you think of the cancelled shows.

ABC:  Charlie's Angels:  Canceled due to poor ratings. I didn’t even know this show existed!

Pan Am -I liked the first couple episodes, then it lost me.  Missing:  My Son really like this, but I never got into it.  I do heart Ashley Judd though!  CSI: Miami – I will miss the corny opening lines!  Unforgettable -I will miss it…I really LOVED this show!


FOX:  Alcatraz – I really liked the idea of this show, I wish more people got into it!   House: The network decided to end it while it was still popular!  It lost me over the years, but I will always love house!  He was a great character.

NBC:   Harry's Law – Man, I really liked this show.  Great actors, and story lines!  Ugh this one makes me mad! Are You There Chelsea? – I never really understood why Chelsea Handler made a show about herself and played her sister?  Strange.  I won’t miss this one.   Awake – Great concept.  I really liked this show, but I think you needed a lot of concentration when watching it. Most likely too much for the average watcher.

TNT:  The Closer: -  They are ending while it’s on top in the ratings!  I didn’t start this show when it first aired, but over the last summer, I caught up on every season.  GREAT show!  I will really miss this one!  BUT, lucky for me, a spinoff titled Major Crimes, starring Mary McDonnell is expected to start this summer.

There you have it, the abbreviated version of the cancelled shows with my thoughts.  What do you think?  Will you miss any of these shows? What is the cancellation from the past that you are STILL not over?

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